Boasting a gorgeous 1800 square foot barn and 19 acres of land to satisfy any couple's needs (and any photographer's dream locations!), our family completed construction on Sand Canyon Ranch Venue in 2020. We chose the name Sand Canyon Ranch for one simple reason: we're located on Sand Canyon Rd. We love the simplicity, the beauty, and the ease of remembrance.

A Little Backstory

Sand Canyon Ranch started out as a crazy idea by Marianne (co-founder, wife). Her dream was to sell their home in Bakersfield and buy land in the country to build their dream home. Victor (co-founder, husband) always wanted to live in the country, so when Marianne shared her crazy idea with him, he jumped on the opportunity. They searched for over six months for the perfect location, even driving as far as SLO. Finally, they found the perfect piece of land in Tehachapi, CA.

Although this was the most challenging project they've ever completed together, they are in LOVE with how everything turned out. Now, after three years of development on the land, they agreed to open a wedding venue. Sand Canyon Ranch Venue was well worth the wait!

- Marianne (co-founder) is the creative one who handles all the administrative tasks, tours, emails, client meetings, and designs new elements for the venue.  
- Victor (co-founder) is the MAKE IT HAPPEN guy. He does it all. Victor has been working on the ranch since the day they bought the land in 2018. He takes care of all the outside areas: trees, animals, landscape, venue tasks, and problems. 
- Matt is our maintenance man. He keeps our land and grounds looking beautiful. He helps take care of the 19 acres Sand Canyon Ranch has to offer. He is Victor's right-hand man.
- Katy is one of our event managers, as well. She may also be one of the many staff at your event to support, guide, and serve you. 
- Erica is our behind-the-scenes queen. Erica helps with marketing, copywriting, and so much more. She has been a key player in our photography business and we are excited to bring her with us on this journey. 

We are very LUCKY to have such an incredible team with different skills and love for our ranch and couples. We didn't start our journey with one person in the lead. It's been a team effort since 2018. Teamwork makes the dream work!  
We believe it's important to share with couples the story of how we came to host weddings. Because we didn't set out to make a profit, we don't have a team of investors with expectations or a quota for the number of weddings we have to book each year. We host weddings and celebrations because we love sharing our ranch with couples who love it too. 
We believe our couples aren't a "number" or a "package." We understand we only get one chance on your wedding day and the trust you put in us to do our very best does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  
We promise to listen to our couples who suggest ideas about improvements we can make every year. 


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Victor and Marianne are married with four daughters. They have been living in Tehachapi since March 2020, when their home was finished being built. Victor and Marianne have built a successful wedding photography & cinematography business over the past eight years. Marianne Lucas Photography thrives in relationship building and creating lifelong experiences for their couples. They always prioritize their couples, willing to go over and beyond. They have earned countless 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook Business. Over a hundred couples have trusted Marianne & Victor on their wedding day. You should too!

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